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WRA. Water Resources

 Collecting Area
Identifier: WRA

Found in 134 Collections and/or Records:

Papers of Whitney M. Borland

Identifier: WWMB
Abstract As a civil engineer with a long and distinguished career, Whitney McNair Borland (1905-2001) focused his research on sedimentation, hydraulics, avalanches and other aspects of hydrology. He was employed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation for over forty years, spending some of that time conducting model sedimentation studies in Fort Collins, working in the Colorado State University engineering lab designed by Ralph Parshall. The collection consists of documents either collected or...
Dates: 1828-1997; Majority of material found within 1930-1979

Papers of James F. Ruff

Identifier: WRUF

Jim Ruff (b. 1937) had a long career as a civil engineering professor at Colorado State University and as a consultant with a focus on hydraulic engineering. The collection documents Dr. Ruff's teaching, research, consulting work, and publications. The collection includes reports, articles, letters, drawings, maps, newspaper clippings, reference materials, data, slides, photographs, videotapes, and computer media.

Dates: 1928-2015; Majority of material found within 1964-1997

Papers of William J. Wiltzius

Identifier: WWIL
Abstract William J. Wiltzius (1933-2013) was a long-time employee of the Colorado Game and Fish Department and a respected expert on Colorado's fish culture and stocking history. The collection compiles Wiltzius' research about hatcheries, sport fishing, and the people who established fish culture in nineteenth-century Colorado. Materials include scrapbooks of newsclippings, computer printouts and photocopies of news articles and genealogical information, published reports, notes, correspondence, and...
Dates: 1775-2013; Majority of material found within 1875-1920

Papers of Wayne Clyma

Identifier: wcly
Abstract Wayne Clyma (1935-2021) was a Colorado State University professor of agricultural engineering from 1971 to 1998. In addition to teaching, Clyma also conducted research for many irrigation projects in United States and around the world. Some highlights include the Management Improvement Program (MIP) in Arizona and the Water Management Synthesis Project I and II in Pakistan. Other countries where Clyma worked include India, Bangladesh, and Egypt. The collection includes teaching materials,...
Dates: 1965-2015

Records of the Colorado Division of Water Resources

Identifier: wdwr

Colorado is divided into water divisions and districts, and local water commissioners closely monitor their areas. The collection contains water commissioner field books, which detail water amounts in ditches and reservoirs in the South Platte River Basin for Division 1, District 64.

Dates: 1914-1969

Department of Earth Resources Collection

Identifier: WDER
Abstract The Colorado State University Department of Earth Resources faculty and researchers maintained centralized reference and research files. This collection is comprised of selections of their water-related files. In addition to a set of files on the U.S. Virgin Islands, the collection contains various reports and files related to vegetation and forests in relation to fire, acid rain, and oil shale as well as the South Platte River and Clear Creek. Aerial photos of the Comanche Alpine Area (now...
Dates: 1966-2004

Records of the Ditch Project

Identifier: wdit

The Ditch Project, in 2009, brought together historians, scientists, and other artists to examine the history of Boulder, Colorado's irrigation ditches. This effort took the form of three extensive exhibits featuring artwork, photo essays, and educational materials about ditches, as well as a public symposium and a website ( The collection is comprised entirely of electronic documents, maps, and photographs.

Dates: 2008-2009

Records of the Four States Irrigation Council

Identifier: WFSI
Abstract Four States Irrigation Council (FSIC), established in 1952, serves as a resource for those interested or involved in irrigation and water delivery issues in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska. FSIC hosts annual meetings and summer tours within the four states to explore how to better understand and resolve water issues facing farmers and citizens. The collection consists of documents created in relation to annual meetings, board meetings, and summer tours. Materials mainly...
Dates: 1952-2016; Majority of material found in 1974-1999

Papers of Norman A. Evans

Identifier: wnae
Abstract Norm Evans (1922-2018) worked at Colorado State University as a civil engineering professor starting in 1951. He earned his Ph.D. from CSU in 1963 while head of the Agricultural Engineering Department. He was appointed director of the Colorado Water Resources Research Institute in 1966. Evans also consulted on irrigation and water projects in the U.S. and abroad, served on the Fort Collins Water Board for 25 years, and was appointed to the Colorado Water Pollution Control Committee. The...
Dates: 1915-2012

Papers of Kurt D. Fausch

Identifier: wkdf
Abstract Kurt D. Fausch retired in spring 2017 from his position as professor in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University, where he worked since 1982. His research has focused on stream ecology and human impacts on rivers and has included collaborations throughout western North America as well as in Japan and New Zealand. The collection consists of his teaching materials, related mainly to fish ecology and fishery science, as well as sets of research...
Dates: 1970-2013

Papers of Harold G. Evans

Identifier: WHGE
Abstract A civil engineer, Harold G. Evans (b. 1944) served on many Colorado water-related committees, largely focused on policy and planning for Greeley Water and Sewer or the South Platte Basin. Evans' papers pertain to this service, largely on the South Platte Basin Roundtable. Beyond the meetings themselves, the files document water conservation strategies, urban and agricultural water issues, groundwater challenges, and recreational and environmental concerns. Materials include correspondence,...
Dates: 2001-2015

Papers of Jerry F. Kenny

Identifier: wjfk
Abstract Jerry F. Kenny (1955-2018) was a civil engineer who consulted on water and natural resources projects, with a particular focus on the western United States. He worked for Boyle Engineering and later HDR Engineering until he formed Headwaters Corporation and began serving as the executive director of the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program. Materials in the collection focus on Kenny's consulting work across the West and include manuals, reports, correspondence, legal documents,...
Dates: 1970-2015

Papers of Diane Hoppe

Identifier: wpdh

Diane Hoppe (1947-2016) served in the Colorado House of Representatives from 1999 to 2006. Her service also included the Colorado Foundation for Water Education, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, and the South Platte Basin Roundtable. The collection consists of Hoppe's files related to these organizations, her political life, and personal artifacts, including a number of the awards she received.

Dates: 1989-2016

Papers of Roy C. and Ardyce L. Johnson

Identifier: WRAJ

Roy and Ardyce Johnson owned and operated a family farm near Wiggins, Colorado, between 1960 and 1986. The collection documents the struggles to keep the irrigated farm afloat, including financing with the Federal Land Bank and legal issues related to the use of groundwater. Additionally, the collection covers irrigation systems, the 1980s Farmers' Crisis, and the proposed Narrows Dam. Materials include financial reports, legal documents, letters, maps, and clippings.

Dates: 1960-2015; Majority of material found in 1974-1986

Papers of E. Bruce Jones

Identifier: WEBJ
Abstract E. Bruce Jones (1933-2013) spent most of his career working as a consulting engineer in Wyoming and Colorado. He spent many years as president of Resource Consultants (formerly M. W. Bittinger and Associates) in Fort Collins and later as senior engineer with Jacobs Engineering Group in Denver. He worked extensively on environmental clean up, including on Rocky Mountain Arsenal groundwater issues, and assisted in developing the airborne passive gamma snow measurement system. His collection...
Dates: 1955-2013

Papers of John R. Eckhardt

Identifier: wjre
Abstract John R. Eckhardt, a civil engineer who holds three degrees from CSU, spent 20 years directing the development and implementation of the Imperial Irrigation District - San Diego County Water Authority Efficiency Conservation and Water Transfer. He previously was the assistant state engineer for Colorado and also worked for the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. His collection documents these three areas of work, with the IID activities being most prominent. The collection contains...
Dates: 1960-2009

Papers of Loretta Lohman

Identifier: wloh
Abstract Loretta Lohman served as Colorado's Nonpoint Source Outreach Coordinator from 1999 to 2014. Her nearly 50-year career also included teaching, researching, and consulting for water-related projects primarily in Colorado and the U.S. West. Her research focused on the economic effects of water reuse, salinity, federal reclamation projects, and energy use. The collection contains some of her publications as well as her research files. Material types include reports, articles, proposals, notes,...
Dates: 1946-2009

Papers of John Porter

Identifier: wjpp

John Porter (1933-2020) was the general manager of the Dolores Water Conservancy District (Colorado) from 1981 through his retirement in 2002. This collection is entirely digital, comprised of articles, data, and reports, many by Porter, and most concerning the District and its Dolores River Reclamation Project, constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation beginning in 1978.

Dates: 1986-2010

Papers of Robert A. Longenbaugh

Identifier: WRAL
Abstract Robert A. Longenbaugh (1935-2020) made numerous contributions to groundwater research, education, and legislation. The collection documents Longenbaugh's career working on Colorado groundwater issues as a Colorado State University engineering professor, assistant state engineer, and consultant, as well as his continued activities during retirement. Main subjects documented include groundwater resources, modeling, recharge, law, education, wells, and irrigation pump efficiency, as well as...
Dates: 1935-2020; Majority of material found in 1960-2020

Records of Save the Poudre: Poudre Waterkeeper

Identifier: wstp

The mission of this non-profit organization is to 'protect and restore the Cache la Poudre River.' The group comments on proposed water development projects, sponsors river clean ups, and interacts with the media and citizens. The collection consists of downloads of their website and emails. It is entirely digital.

Dates: 2012-2016